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15 декабря 2021 г. 13:28

How to choose the correct pillow...

pillow is not necessarily worry-free. If you want to choose a pillow that suits you and a height, you just need to learn the following 2 tricks, so that you can choose the right pillow, and relax your shoulders and necks until dawn!

According to personal sleeping habits

When we say that we are used to lying on our backs or 高品質枕頭, we actually refer to the sleeping position we are used to when we cannot fall asleep, not the same posture all night. Therefore, when choosing a pillow, you can choose the height of the pillow according to the sleeping posture you are accustomed to before going to bed.

Lie on your back

If you like to sleep on your back, choose a pillow that is the same height as you can stand up with your fists. When lying on your back, your forehead is about 5 degrees higher than your chin; the cervical spine can relax naturally, close to the pillow, and the neck is not suspended; the most important thing is to breathe smoothly without chest tightness.

Side sleep

The height of the pillow on the side of the body used to sleep is the same as the width of his shoulder. When sleeping on the side, the nose, neck and the center line of the body are the same; the height of the pillow can fit the neck and provide good support, so that the spine can continue to maintain a straight line when sleeping on the side.

Favorite pillow softness

Some people like soft and fluffy pillows, while others like hard pillows. When lying down, the softness and hardness of the pillow will affect the height. If the pillow is too soft or too hard, it can also cause discomfort. Choosing a pillow with moderate hardness can provide good head support and fit the shoulder and neck curve. How to choose a pillow with moderate hardness? You can do a simple test. When you change your sleeping position, your head, shoulders, neck and body can be turned over without difficulty. If you cannot change your posture smoothly, this is not a good pillow for you.

The height of the pillow you can choose: Mr. Home Memory Foam pillow

Tencel anti-mite decompression pillow

"Tencel Anti-mite Decompression pillow" is designed on both sides, allowing you to easily find the right pillow height. It is soft and hard, provides excellent support, and is soft and does not collapse easily. It conforms to the ergonomic curve of supine and side lying, so the pressure on the cervical spine and head can be released immediately, and you can fall asleep safely every night.

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