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21 августа 2019 г. 11:18

How to Get Rid of FaceApp Watermark from your Clicks

FaceApp challenge is getting viral on the internet. Everyone is crazy about sharing their old age photo. Maybe you’re also one from them. Along with making yourself look older, younger, swiping gender, you can also change hairstyle, hair color, and much more. However, the picture that FaceApp converts almost looks real, especially those done by the Old filter. On a first look, no one can say it is edited, but that FaceApp watermark at the bottom of the picture reveals the truth. It is pasted by default on every image that is captured or edited through FaceApp. Without any doubt, most of you will want to remove it.

Here is how to get rid of FaceApp watermark from your clicks.

There are several techniques to get rid of this watermark on both iOS and Android devices. You can use any one which is comfortable for you.  These are the methods:

·      Use the Pro version of FaceApp

·      Crop the edited image

·      Install the cracked FaceApp

 Removing watermark with FaceApp Pro

FaceApp Pro is the only simplest and right way to get rid of FaceApp watermarks from your photos. Together with this ability, FaceApp Pro version gives you plenty of more features and capabilities. But, the Pro version of FaceApp isn’t free, the company has made this available in subscription plans. There are three levels of its subscriptions plan, monthly, yearly, and lifetime membership. If you want to access the FaceApp Pro, then you need to take anyone of these subscriptions and pay for it. If you’re interested in purchasing the Premium version of FaceApp, go through the below points.

1.   Launch the ‘FaceApp’ on your iOS or Android device. There isn’t any new FaceApp Pro app that gives you these capabilities. If you don’t have FaceApp application installed on your phone, then download it first, from the AppStore or PlayStore.

2.   On the application’s main screen, touch on ‘Cog’ icon at the top left corner.

3.   Now, touch on ‘Go PRO’ button at the top under the Premium Version section.

4.   All the three types of subscription plan of FaceApp Pro will appear with the charges, select that you want to get.

5.   Then touch ‘Go Pro’ button at the bottom to open payment screen.

6.   Complete the payment process, and touch on the ‘X’ button at the top left corner.

Once you get the FaceApp Pro version, you’ll be able to use all its features, including removing watermarks from your photos.  Return to the ‘Settings’ screen, and touch the ‘Watermark’ toggle button to disable it. Now, take and share your FaceApp clicks without worrying about the watermark.

 Crop the edited image

If you don't want to spend your money and are not ready to sacrifice your captured or edited image, then you can try this. Until now, you may have edited many of your pictures, the same thing you have to do here. Just cut the part from the image where that pesky watermark is pasted. Also, the best thing about it is that you don't need to download an image editor app. All iOS and Android devices have their own preinstalled photo editor that allows you to crop and much more.

Capture or edit the picture from your gallery with FaceApp.

Save the image from FaceApp.

Now, open it in the image editor of your device. If you've installed any image editor app, then you use it too.

Crop the bottom of part of the image that has FaceApp watermark onto it.

You did it! Now, share your image wherever you want.

 Install the cracked faceapp

Sometimes because of in-App purchases issue, you won't be able to get the FaceApp Pro version. Or, for any other cause, you fail to get the paid subscription, then you can try to download the cracked or mod FaceApp application. But, getting this file isn't as simple as you're thinking, you might also be stuck in the problem. Therefore, only try downloading and installing the cracked file when you've enough knowledge about it.

Ryan Smith  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber ​​security and office utilities, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Microsoft products at  office.com/setup .

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