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21 августа 2019 г. 11:17

How to Get Started with Pokemon Masters

Finally, the wait of the Pokemon fans is going to end. As of May 2019, The Pokemon Company had announced to launch “Pokemon Masters” along with several other Pokemon games. The company has successfully launched it in a few countries and it is yet to be released in other countries, which is expected to be on 29 August 2019. Pokemon Masters is the first result of the collaboration of The Pokemon Company and mobile game developer DeNA. Possibly, this could be the reason for the Pokemon Masters becoming popular. The game will be launched for iOS and Android platforms. The first experience for the new players could be daunting. So, if you want to get the Pokemon Masters ready to play, then this article will show you how to get started with Pokemon Masters.

How to link/create a Nintendo Account and sign into Pokemon Masters

Whenever you launch the game – Pokemon Masters- on your iOS or Android device, you’ll be asked to Link a Nintendo account. However, it is optional if you don’t have a Nintendo account or don’t want to link yours, you can skip the screen with ‘Not Now’ button. A Nintendo account would also be required to play other Pokemon games. Linking your Nintendo account to your game keep your data and progress save. If you don’t want to lose your game progress, then you can sign in or sign up for a Nintendo account from there. Here is how.

1.   Launch Pokemon Masters on your iOS or Android device.

2.   Tap on the welcome screen to start.

3.   You’ll now see Link Nintendo Account popup on the screen.

4.   Tap on ‘Create/link an account’ to link your Nintendo account or sign up for a new. This will open the Nintendo site in your phone browser. If you don’t want to create or link your Nintendo account, tap on ‘Not Now’ button instead and jump to the next guide.

5.   Tap on ‘Sign in’ button to link your existing Nintendo account. Or, tap ‘Create a Nintendo account’ button to sign up for a new account.

6.   Now, enter the desired email address/Sign-in ID and password in their field. You can also choose your Twitter, Facebook, or Google accounts for signing in.

7.   Tap on ‘Sign in’ button to proceed.

8.   Confirm your account to link with the game. If you’re setting up the game for a child below age 12, then an option to create a child account will also be provided here.

9.   View the information Pokemon Masters will access from your Nintendo profile and then tap ‘I agree.’

Once you finish linking the account, you’ll return back to the game. And, now you can set up Pokemon Masters to start playing.

Steps to get Pokemon Masters ready to play:

1.   Either you’ve linked your Nintendo account or skip, you’ll now see Spending Notification box on your display.

2.   Enable the notification for in-app purchase by tapping on ‘Yes,’ when prompted. Now, you’ll be notified for all type of in-app purchases.

3.   Now, Download Data menu will popup on the screen asking whether you want to download the additional game data. You can also see the data size here. Before you hit the ‘Yes’ button, make sure your mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi.

4.   The data will begin downloading you can see the progress in the ‘Downloading…’ bar at the bottom of the screen.

5.   Your player will now display on the screen, create your player as you want it to look. No need to worry about your character’s look you can also modify it later.

6.   Confirm your player’s look with ‘Yes.’

7.   Enter your Nickname into the given field, and tap ‘OK,’ when prompted.

8.   Again the player creation will come up on your screen, take your time to create your character.

9.   When you’re satisfied with your player’s look, tap on ‘OK’ to finalize.

10.  Now, talk to Trista and take your new Poryphone.

11.  Tap on ‘Poryphone’.

12. And start your game.

Your journey starts in the adventure of Pokemon Masters. The game has many new exciting things, the more you play the more fun you have.

Ryan Smith is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.

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