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8 июля 2019 г. 09:18

How to Convert Clipboard Image to a JPEG or PNG File

There are several methods to convert the clipboard image to a JPEG or PNG file. In this article, you will get some of the easy methods. You do not have to open the beast software like Photoshop and Illustrator for this procedure. Go through the instructions mentioned below to complete this procedure.

Source: http://ww-mcafee.com/how-to-convert-clipboard-image-to-a-jpeg-or-png-file/

Steps to Convert Clipboard Image to a JPEG or PNG File Using Snipping Tool

•    Press on the Start menu symbol.

•    Otherwise, click on the Windows key.

•    Click on the S key on the system keyboard.

•    Now, it will show all the results similar to S alphabet.

•    Press on the Snipping Tool.

•    In case you don’t find it on the resulting menu, press on the Apps option.

•    Search for the Snipping Tool.

•    Press on the Snipping Tool.

•    Go to the clipboard image which you want to convert as JPEG or PNG.

•    You have to take a screenshot of everything showing on your screen.

•    After finding the image, press on the New option located in the Snipping Tool application.

•    In case this image is saved on the system, go to the Photos application to open it.

•    Now the display gets faded.

•    Press where you wish to place the upper left side of the image.

•    Scroll down and pull the red square till you get the right position.

•    Press on the Save (compact disk) symbol.

•    Select the location and type of the file.

•    Press on the Save option.

Steps to Convert Clipboard Image to a JPEG or PNG File Using Paint 3D

•    Find the image which you wish to store, you need to right-click on it and after that, press on the Copy option.

•    Additionally, click on the Print Screen button on the system keyboard in case you wish to get the online picture.

•    Click on the Windows key on the system keyboard.

•    Click on the Apps option.

•    Search for the Paint 3D application.

•    After finding the Paint 3D application, press on it.

•    After opening the application, press on the New File symbol.

•    Now, the Paint 3D application will make a black file.

•    Press the Control and V keys on the system keyboard.

•    Now, in the Paint 3D application start pasting the picture into the blank file.

•    Click on the ESC key to unselect the picture.

•    In case the picture does not cover the canvas completely, press on the Crop button.

•    Select the part of the file which you wish to store to your system.

•    Press on the Menu symbol located in the upper left-hand side of the display.

• Click here for the menu list.

• Press on the Image option.

• Choose the location of the selected image.

• Choose the desired format.

• Press on the Save option.

Steps to Convert Clipboard Image  to a JPEG or PNG File on Your Mac

• Choose the image that you want to get on the clipboard.

• Open the Preview application on the Mac.

• Press on the File option located on the Preview application menu list.

• Press on the Clipboard option.

• Now you can save your clipboard.

• By using this application, you can edit the picture.

• After that, press on the File option.

• Press on the Save As button.

• Choose the location.

Clipboard Image to JPEG or PNG.

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