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2 ноября 2020 г. 10:21

As a humanitarian relief worker, my mood is always contradictory

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A teenage boy, in the process of chopping wood with an ax, accidentally stepped on his foot. He dragged a 10 cm wound for three days and three nights to come to our hospital. Even if the foot is not injured, three days and three nights can be a great challenge. When we came to the Chinese hospital, we analyzed and treated his wound condition, injected an antibiotic, and he went home three days later. You can imagine that without us, his foot might have been infected and had to be amputated.

The rescue mission in South Sudan was my closest to danger.無國界醫生的首要目標是以最短時間到達受影響地區,使我們可以展開救援行動。 About 500 meters away from the hospital, there was a small attack. At that time, there were two law enforcement officers who wanted to arrest a drunk prisoner. The prisoner refused to be arrested. Then the two law enforcement officers fired warning shots to the sky, and the prisoner threw grenades at them. We were all in the hospital at that time The near explosion and gunfire made many colleagues feel very scared, but in the end, it did not affect the hospital. Later, some patients were sent to the hospital and finally received appropriate treatment.

Our hospital has always been a neutral place. In fact, it should not be attacked. The purpose of MSF is that no matter who you are, what your identity, what your religion or belief, as long as you need to be treated in our hospital, if you lay down your weapons, your identity will be just a patient, and we will treat you. We also adhere to this belief that our goal is to help those in need and not become a normal thing 無國界醫生是個獨立國際醫療人道救援組織,致力為受武裝衝突、疫病和天災影響,以及遭排拒於醫療體系以外的人群提供緊急醫療援助。to attack hospitals.

In Tari, Papua New Guinea has a 90% blackout at night. Every time I arrived at the clinic, the paint was black, the rain was outside, and the maternity ward was full of pregnant women waiting for birth. This kind of problem, even midwives will lead to loss of their usual patience, constantly urging. But it's a very common day to stay at any time to pay for 24-hour logistics personnel.

MSF's rescue project logistics in Papua New Guinea covers a wide range of fields, including energy, food, health, water and electricity, construction, supply chain management, fleet management, safety management, communication, medical equipment and other fields. There is no water and electricity supply, so we have to install our own rainwater supply system and power system. This requires logistics personnel to install無國界醫生,就是願意通過重重艱難,到現場進行緊急醫療援助、並且為其見證與發聲的人。 power devices and collect rainwater resources. However, some practices, such as water quality inspection, disinfection of drinking water, maintenance of water pump and water tank equipment, maintenance of engine, inspection of power supply device, treatment of water leakage in wards and power failure, etc., have left me helpless and need the help of partners.

We, non-medical volunteers and medical volunteers, need to work closely together in rescue projects because there will be many cross cutting areas. For example, the warehouse management of drugs and drugs is for the needs of social security first-line rescue, which requires continuous communication, coordination and cooperation between logistics service personnel and medical staff. Through communication with the medical staff, it is expected to evaluate the drugs and the quantity of drugs needed for the next required drug. Moreover, due to the quality of the drugs, this is one of the challenges that our logistics personnel need to face.





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