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14 февраля 2020 г. 04:02

Once you get to Dofus Kamas stage

Once you get to Dofus Kamas stage, you begin making a small fortune... and you begin to spend it. On DOFUS Touch, you've got the chance to obtain a Bonus Bundle, which today has a value of about 60 000 Dofus Kamas per week. This Bonus Pack gives you a bonus of fall and xp, it's the equal of the PC model subscription, but that instead of adding articles, it attracts a bonus. As soon as you have your initial 60,000 Dofus Kamas, do not hesitate to purchase it, and take advantage of it into farm more.Retro Dofus servers arrive in a few days! Discover our advices here to approach this new adventure. The first decisive choice for the remainder of your experience is that of your class.

Most importantly, this entails two actions: optimizing Dofus client and using keyboard shortcuts. In terms of keyboard shortcuts, nothing really rocket science. The keys to 7 to throw the 7 charms of your very first line, then Ctrl + 1 to 2 7 to cast the spells of the second line, F1 to pass the switch and 2 to use your weapon.These shortcuts are the default ones and will obviously be altered, and it's advisable to place your spells in your bars to play quicker with those shortcuts, but once mastered it's a substantial advantage of time which will clearly make the difference with the Dofus gamers who don't utilize them.Unlike version 2.52, every category has its own Doplon. Your quest stock will fill up, at a speed of 1 Doplon a 1 Doplon for each battle. The Benefit? For those who have all of the Doplons the purchase costs of services and Temple items are reduced! You can: Against 1 token on your class, but only once a character, you can choose between completely resetting your stats or only those obtained by leveling (Scroll Points are not affected). It's possible to reset its characteristics as many times as you've got reconstituting Orbs.

Against 7 Doplons of a class or 1 Doplon of all types, you can reset the ranks of a spell. You may regain the amount of points invested. This is probably the way to found a guild, and by the beginning of Nabur will see these Dofus players associations appear! Yes, it must be bought and not obtained automatically! A week later using the key, although it does not reset on Tuesday. Obviously, the Dopples also can regain his 21st spell, occasionally essential (for the Cras such as ).Golden Dragunes are devourers of all Dopeul spirits. It is strongly recommended to buy Kamas Dofus Retro equip them during your tours of Dopeuls to form familiars Wisdom that, if you do not useful, may be resold at prices that were great!


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