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11 февраля 2020 г. 05:07

As a full-back that is not perfect FIFA Coins

As a full-back that is not perfect FIFA Coins, but place your habit tactics up and get him in the box for free kicks and corners and this chap could possibly be a superb advantage at the ends of the pitch. He is also worth £912k with precisely the same overall as Pellegrini, but he is one less potential at 82 in order on paper, he is quite slightly worse. Everything is dependent upon which the weak points of the team are.

If you want one of these three, be sure to pick them up until they sign new contracts because they are three of the most promising youngsters.Gian-Luca Itter is one of the most well-rounded full backs we've found. All of his important stats are between 60 and 70 right now; 70 Dribbling, 69 Pace, 68 Crossing, 68 Standing Tackle, 67 Stamina, 67 Marking... if you need someone that does not have many weaknesses at all, Itter is your guy. He's now got a 67 complete with 85 possible, but he is only going to cost you £1.3m - a great deal, particularly considering his elevated assaulting work rate.

For an additional £200k, you could get Rüegg -- he's got the same potential as Itter but using a higher general now. Rüegg's strengths lie at 80 Strength his 82 Pace and 79 Stamina Passing and along with strong Defending skills.

Virtually all his stats are supplying him 84 potential and also a 72 overall.

When looking at Hakimi's stats, then you can understand why he is worth £7.9m. The 19-year-old includes 86 Pace along with a top assaulting work rate, so he's up and down either side of the pitch like it is no one's business. His Tackling stats are strong with 73 and 75 for Reputation and Sliding respectively, while he has 77 Ball Control and 71 Dribbling. He's even got three-star energy moves, so that he could roulette outside midfielders and defenders when needed. The sole caveat is that right now, he's on loan from Real Madrid in Borussia Dortmund, which means you might want to wait until the conclusion of buy FIFA Mobile Coins the year until you pick him up, by which point his 75 total will probably be slightly closer to his 85 potential.


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