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7 февраля 2020 г. 04:12

The elimination of free RS gold trade

The elimination of free RS gold trade stemmed from Jagex's macro detection not receiving adequate funds. Bots were ruining the economy and those made and funded via stolen credit cards became a legal liability for Jagex that they could not ignore. If they just invested more to begin with it wouldn't have been an issue. The battle rework was really a fantastic idea on paper. The battle triangle was completely irrelevant by there, enemies had no very clear weakness or strategy. Melee was overpowered. It had all sorts of top weapons while Magic and Ranged were pricey and limiting in comparison.

Magic specifically was a major money sink due to the large rune prices along with being ignored most of the time outside of Ancients. Weapon variety was not encouraged at all since rate (Daggers, Scimitars, Claws, Shortbows, Crossbows, Throwing Knives) reigned supreme. Runescape should not happen to be WoW-lite, but it could have used a touch-up.

"Mod" in runescape doesn't mean only moderator in the way that it is commonly used (as in a volunteer runescape player helper or a community supervisor ). As far as I can tell from the wiki, runescape players needed all of their stuff returned, so all's well there.

Just as this is simple and completely inexcusable to avoid, it's also a trap a great deal of game programmers fall into when groups of developers'go rogue', so to speak, in creating a market component of runescape. OSRS simply does not possess the oversight that RS3 has (and neither should it, since it would draw the attention of their investors and Tencent now betting on RS3's MTX) that leads to a much easier time for staff to do things they really shouldn't. Jagex ought to have a member of staff dedicated to keeping the OSRS staff in check internally (sort of like the HR rep delivered down from corporate you often see on TV), not there to buy old school runescape gold oversee development or aid inside, but only there to check in with people and hopefully spot any red flags early on. The simple fact that this still is not the case is stressing, as OSRS has more than proven its worth.

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