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22 января  2020 г. 05:01

A person who makes bank at the sand RuneScape gold

A person who makes bank at the sand RuneScape gold casino can make say 200b, buy all their equipment together with the best perks max out get 120 all etc.. But what? What do they do for pleasure? Why skill or pvm when they can simply return to staking and make bank or even worse get and begin losing it all rage quitting. In any event it's a loss for the community when a RS runescape player who isn't a scammer ends up quitting because of spiraling down the gambling path and dropping it if they make bank and shed the idea of money and literally having nothing to do and wind up quitting. On a different note, I am not 100 percent against pkers like when someone pk's you personally and doesn't attempt skull tricking then you should NOT get mad at that person because that is just.

I concur. While I'm certain a small minority would like fair fights (but I guess in theory the duel arena offers ), it appears the great majority of active wilderness runescape players simply wish to kill others for whatever their motives may be. Back when I bothered at times, with warbands I watched people kill me and pick nothing up or basically nothing for the hassle. If the place is populated funds actually ARE restricted at warbands, and more than a few times I picked up my tools from where I died and went on my skilling goal planned.In any case the wildy strategy for the whole runescape playerbase is to go in naked with nothing of value anything, and a lot of runescape players completely prevent the wildy completely. I played very actively from around 2005-2011 so that was before and during the wildy got handicapped. As it was released in 2007 a good deal of runescape players were mad about the trade limitation, but only a very small, niche community appeared to really take care of the wildy. Many runescape players that were into Pking (and although it might sound hard to think for you, however I used to be one of these ) were happy with clan wars and the duel area getting f2p for a replacement.

Since Pking was way bigger back then as it is now, I really don't see how a return to the revenant-style wildy could be so devastating now while it was not a disaster back then. The runescape players that quit after the update generally quit due to this trade limit rather than the wildy shift. The design of this wildy greatly promotes griefing and creates luring extremely profitable and achievable. And all that while the risk reward system that many claim as it's purpose is extremely unbalanced already.All you stated is that you shouldn't drop for money doubling and these scams, but there are plenty of other baits that make it way easier to get trapped off-guard. If you do not believe me, simply give it a try: flip off personal style and stand at the ge for a while on your slayer gear. You'll get some requests which look very legit such as individuals claiming to cheap RS gold look for an erectile dysfunction team, looking for a team to do group bosses, requesting aids or quest help and such.


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