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18 января  2020 г. 03:35

we want you to design the inside of a Kamas Dofus Retro

With this contest, we want you to design the inside of a Kamas Dofus Retro Haven Bag in a theme worthy of the 15 decades. Be as creative as you want and add as much furniture and details as the heart desires.A jury composed of Ankama staff will select winners throughout all communities, basing their votes on various criteria such as creativity, quality of image, humor, motif, attention to detail, and in-game references. Did we mention that there are members of the jury that might have something to do with installation and the design of the DOFUS Haven Bags in-game? Who knows, maybe your motif might make its way to some parts of it, or the game, at any stage. There is just 1 way to find out: allow your creativity run wild!

They talk about him as if he had been a ghost or a legend. Or does he exist in your dreams? What's certain, however, is this dream-inspired draconic furry friend is also colorable. Spruce him up so he could be with you on your 16, however you like! Until today, he has only been spotted during the furious storms the World of Twelve has ever seen. Critics claim to have seen him dancing with lightning, such as a Dauge rolling in the bud. However, does he come out on other events? We may never know because this monster is an expert in camouflage. Colours can be changed by him at will, and he might allow you to do exactly the same if you be able to tame him.

For the past fifteen decades, the World of Twelve has witnessed its share of troubadours and poets, minstrels and even rock bands, each telling their tales of victory and sorry, love and perseverance. Odes to heroes have been recited, songs about seemyools sounds shared to the four corners of the planet... all of this while, our player community has been a cradle of talented scribes, supporting us to buy Dofus Kamas writings brimming with the wit and elegance of bards. We discovered scholars amongst you, who have pierced the deepest realms of DOFUS lore! And as the years proceed, the knowledge keeps growing.


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