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11 января  2020 г. 04:37

Once I had geared up my new poe currency character

Once I had geared up my new poe currency character, I dropped the conclusion of the rest of the chaos into maps. Mapping can be very unforgiving, and on a first personality you'll definitely spend the majority of your time stuck on early maps. If you have the in-POE game money to bypass this whatsoever, you ought to use it. My very first character took six times to level to 94. My next personality took 2 and a half days to hit 93, and that's mostly because of the currency I had been prepared to install.

Running maps all day is boring. Not everyone can be like Ziziran and play for 16 hours a day daily. After three or four days of enjoying Path of Exile for 16+ hours a day, I had been bored out of my mind. It did not help that my friends had expired and quit the league.

If you're serious about winning a race in Path of Exile, you want to get in the mindset of enjoying only "an additional map" And after you complete it, run one more map. Make it second nature to start the next map as soon as you depart, so you need to keep grinding.

That being said, it is important to stay healthy and sane, and 16+ hour days are not healthy. After four or five days of breathing and living Path of Exile, my body was screaming to buy poe chaos orbs get rest, and my hands had cramped up.

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