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21 января  2021 г. 05:51, г. Werl, Германия Смотреть на карте

Stadia or because they want to buy mt nba 2k21

In that case it's more likely to nba 2k21 mt coins become a Stadia vs Shadow thing, together with Geforce NOW completely out of the picture for a game streaming service or one which just works with Steam/Valve games... I agree with GFN needing to do some thing to receive matches back. I really don't know whether that's charging more so they could pay publishers or not but I see stadia just having the ability to hold on for a couple of reasons but the end is coming. Luna poses a big threat but they have some time before that's out of Beta.


The largest threat is Xbox cloud gambling. Right now Stadia has the advantage for the amount of apparatus they can be employed on because Microsoft is concentrating on mobile but they just came out and stated they will release apps for TVs and streaming apparatus.


Amazon will probably say no more in theirs and google will probably block the chrome cast but everything else is good to go. As soon as they can be more reachable I see Stadia dying.


Publishers are being greedy and yanking their games out of Geforce Now, either because of a better/exclusivity deal from Stadia or because they want to buy mt nba 2k21 start their own streaming stage. It's sad but was expected.


Google Stadia is throwing money at publishers till they have all their matches, and the conversation shifts from'who gets the streaming technology' to'who's all the games'... Isn't the point people were mad that google had no matches, so what should they do, its dumb to have the energy but have no matches

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