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The costs have very little on the OSRS gold

In the long run, the costs have very little on the OSRS gold overall experience of new players as a group.We really appreciate all of the hard work you guys are putting into this game. Thank you for communicating to us that you care and actively trying to do something about it.


Runelite has nice features but the official customer is created out worse than it is.


The customer is the largest thing for me. Anyone I know who sees OSRS on Steam will probably give it a try. And I know for sure I will get messages from most being like"how can you perform this shit game" Because the official client is an outright lousy experience in modern gaming.


I'd say point 3, account safety is by far the most important piece. As soon as you secure accounts everything else will follow.


. Let me tie multiple participant accounts to a single Cheap Runescape gold account also and secure which just like a mofo.


Everyone cares about this but I don't think anyone realizes that this is not a bot matter, but it's literally part of this game. Click your public chat tab for the options, the bottom one is literally"Set up your Autochat" You only find other players' Autochat messages if your own chat can be put to Autochat. It's only really used at the Duel Arena because you essentially need to opt-in to see it.

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