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The sceptres cost is tied into OSRS gold

The sceptres cost is tied into OSRS gold its rarity but I agree that the cost is surprising.


 The game lets you not have to store the pharaohs sceptre but still shop the other items for that step. You can just store the other equipment for the hint and maintain the sceptre in your bank to tele there once you receive the clue step.What do you mean pyramid plunder is better exp you are in no manner"not smart" unless you were looking for a more relaxed thieving encounter.


It doesn't only hurt legitimate players, but youre certainly correct that a raising of prerequisites would have to be paired with some type of true bot detection/banning to really be effective. Raising needs is supposed to purchase jagex time to detect bots and prohibit them but the issue is they do not appear to do that very well no matter how much time is given.


In the time that I reported themthey had 20-30m xp in woodcutting. All from chopping magic trees.


Im with you . The matter is with their bot detection and banning (or absence thereof) first and foremost. Huge and honestly completely unprecedented"if" though.It's really really really complicated to Cheap Runescape gold discover bots, partially because of everything rs is as a match, add a little bit of error into your bots, and bam you look like a legit player.


Like I agree it is a issue, but people with no programming knowledge speak such shit about bot detection when it's actually incredibly intricate. It is like constructing anti virus software, ever adapting and changing, and the job required versus the profit of the company is really hard to balance.

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