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Proceed to the Buy Runescape gold quests

Thats okay, but imo that the OSRS gold eoc combat is considerably more fun when you learn it. However, there is quite a learning curve so you need quite a investment to understand it. Employing revolution to begin off may be a way to get into it without too much trouble (although its still not as easy as heritage naturally ) However, now its very fine minus some problems.


Yeah I hear it is great and increases DPS enough you can't really endgame boss with no. I am about skilling and seeking to make money off of skills , so I do not do battle much in general. But since I played since windows Vista was the newest thing, I have highish combat.


Mainly utilize it for slayer haha only utilize legacy as well and also have noticed zero issues with bosses. My battle stats were maxed before the change though so perhaps that's it.


I starred playing today and got 1 week premium from afar prime. However, what do I do? Cut trees and internet shrimps and drop them to ground until I level up?


You are able to do that lol, but I'd highly recommend trying to do quests. Proceed to the Buy Runescape gold quests tab and determine which you can do and move from there. If you wind up playing long term, the quest"Plauge's ending" is a fantastic goal to have. It's mid level stat requirements and unlocks a cool new area.


Or you can try performing the slayer skill and killing things and eventually killing bosses. There's much to do, you may attempt to join a clan that is actually active and have more fun chatting with different people and playing them if you like that.

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