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11 ноября 2020 г. 04:50, г. Werl, Германия Смотреть на карте

Generic behaviours between PSO2 Meseta

I utilized the Meseta due How XQ is quite cheap to setup while 1000s of Enchanted Forest Trigger would cost either to much Lifetime or even Trigger:-RRB- My goal was to find generic behaviours between PSO2 Meseta  and normal drops in hope to apply them to ordinary drops and rare drops and so forth, as seen on Thesis 3 and 2.

The rate booster, I believe, if employ an additional amount of rolls Depending on the increase value, so a rare fall call using a 250% booster is rolled 3 times with a 50% likelihood of a 4th, and only the lowest value is kept, withThe initial Thesis is quite simple.

Interesting is the next Thesis such as in XQ Meseta Grinding, as explained in this video from Evildoer. The frequent rule here is to utilize as much"Meseta Boosts" as possible, including any Things with many effects like"Tri-Boost" or"Webpanel" that comes equally using"150% Uncommon Drop Rate" &"150 percent Meseta Earned".

To be able to check that, I would need to run multiple occasions using RDR and without.

With my current research I am not fully able to buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta cover that, but it don't matter to much as 1700% Rare Drop Rate is the current limitation in this game. However, I do not need to exclude the Thesis because I never found a 1-9* Star Drop when running boosted Magatsu with Unusual Drop Rate and Tri-Boost, but that is a thing for the future.

I put a"Grinder" inbetween every Stage into my storage so as to seperate the drops from one another. The Endresult seems like this.

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