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26 октября 2020 г. 04:30, г. Werl, Германия Смотреть на карте

Regardless of what game that is OSRS gold

Regardless of what game that is OSRS gold posted on I would downvote it on steam because it's not helpful in any way.It is far better to explain why you feel that way, yeah, but not doing this does not create the review only completely useless. If I'm taking a look at restaurant reviews I'd still rather see someone's two star review than not see it, even if they didn't explain why they didn't like it. This review is not any different than that.

A terrible review, even though unexplained, is still a legitimate review.I adored RS3 when it initially came out.RS3 is hurting the sport in the long run.

The whole thought of this was flawed from start as it is a contradiction to what runescape is about. Like reverse uno. Individuals should know what a lousy game is. Just because they play RS3 it's not guaranteed they'll play OSRS. In reality I'm willing to bet if they see actual bad reviews about RS3 & more great reviews about OSRS they will be more inclined to try OSRS anyway.It is like saying"Don't leave bad reviews for Windows Vista! If I did not know Windows Vista was bad I would have installed it instead of Windows XP once I got my 1st pc in 2007.

I meant review dinosaurs like these, if You've Got a Genuine review then I dont actually have a problem, but in Case You just do"osrs bad, rs3 great" as your review, this doesnt help anyoneMaybe not me but some folks might, also im not saying that its a fantastic match, im saying reviews like"osrs is better" or"dont perform with this play os" hurt both matches.Buy Runescape gold isn't even very bad. People keep trying to think it's still like the old Runescape in order that they compare it all the time. It is an almost entirely different sport, with the only real things staying the same would be the names of things, areas, and individuals.People should stop trashing a game they don't playwith. 

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