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21 октября 2020 г. 04:46, г. Werl, Германия Смотреть на карте

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The thing that sucks even with songs all the way down I have to listen to that awful song. Rant over.I could not even get the game to load yesterday evening. Today it kept getting stuck on the primary menu. I uninstalled. The music playing stuck at the menu was the worst.You can also to the Mut 21 coins song pick menu and turn every song away.It is pitiful that they can not at the very least add a ing variety of music to the game.I flipped each of the tunes off following the first week, do not even have to mute the television.


There was a comment thread a while ago about rap names getting out of control. I think of the title ADVNTRLND and apparently that's far better than what folks are coming up with now. I guess I need to begin my soundcloud up so I could get about the madden soundtrack, too.You believe anyone actually produces a brand new song when EA hits up them? Or do they sell them an already completed song.It's probably safe to state Snoop Dogg made Madden 20 specifically for Madden 20, but it's Snoop Dogg so who knows. Doubt it, I thought that the last soundtrack was solid. Lil Skies Magic def wasn't a throwaway tune, thats about as good as he gets.Still puzzled why they didn't go with AUTOMATIC as it really mentions madden.


Not even kidding, I was thinking all year which has been faking na be his annual song. Surprised it is not. The Harlow tunes called automatic, that took top place I guess. "Substantial numbers" made me despise every song in madden 21. Lil Bit by Blackbear is at least a year old.The jay critch tune from madden 21 was definitely made for madden.I mean that a lot are filled with cheap Madden 21 coins football lines. I am sure they didn't think too much more than simply take some beat, reuse some flows, add some soccer lines, and collect a huge ol check.They just send EA the maximum pg song in their catalogue. 

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