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14 октября 2020 г. 04:28, г. Werl, Германия Смотреть на карте

I have is not having the nba 2k21 mt

The major criticism I have is not having the nba 2k21 mt ability to get as near a true 99 overall from the Career mode anymore.I saw that they were incorporating more combos in, but I think if I never wish to play with a second against other real players, I still should be able to get whatever stat I want to... at 90, if not 99. Sure, acquiring a 5'10 PG with 99 in both rebounding stats and badges would be absurd, but Im sure enough people desire that to have it be another mode/branch than park/whatever. Badges the same.

If I wish to play and grind their sport longer, they shouldnt have badge limitations either. As far as getting things to HoF, and also just number constraints as a whole based on stats. Yeah when I did mycareer I wished to play an oversized and quick cutting SF and the game moved me to PF forever and occasionally center. I was just like 6ft9! I get it but I do not even need to play with online. My pace was so capped too.

I actually just finished my most played man's first season also last monthI forgot that you cant even sim Playoff games, lol. I invested too long getting someone at each place to 85 total (I stopped playing for a fantastic chunk of tim, too), never even got to All-star game for the majority of them. I had the strangest situation because my match was 2k17 therefore we inserted me, a cutting man who basically only dunked, and Justice, the man who's always on your group and shot lights out from 3, into the... Kings. After Cousins left.

The starting lineup was mepersonally, Justice, Rudy Gay, Buddy Hield and Willey Cauley Stein. I had been so surrounded by okay-good shooters such as Ty Lawson, Darren Collison, Tyreke Evans and Garrett Temple that we had been good lol. Sports games are fucking wild. This happened to me 6 years ago with 2K14 and it's still dogshit. But it doesn't matter because sports games get purchased regardless of caliber. Yeah that will occur when one publisher owns all of the rights to a franchise, if they make dog shit with it there is almost 0 rivalry. To be fair, 2k does not have exclusive NBA rights, EA has them also, it's only that EA is cheap mt nba 2k21 1000x worse in creating a basketball sim than 2k. Nhl15 was the final better sims imo.

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