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29 сентября 2020 г. 05:38, г. Werl, Германия Смотреть на карте

RS3 still actually makes more money than OSRS

Analytics should have guessed that the OSRS gold extra players and familiarity caused by going to Steam would offset the loss from Valve's cut, after a certain point anyways.


Mtx sold through Steam is less cash for Jagex following Steams cut. Reading that RuneScape will Steam actually sounds just like a meme to me.


I can't whole heatedly agree with this. The Jagex back then killed that match using an obscene amount of microtransactions and just general bad decisions. We were forced to quit, and after start over. If we want to voice our views on a shitty pay-to-win game, you can not stop us, and you are likely to need to be more convincing if you want to talk us out of it


If you've got legitimate gripes about it and genuinely think it's a bad game, go ahead and leave a negative review--but make sure that you really REVIEW it and explain WHY you think that way.


Steam might be the thing which keeps RS3 alive for the ones that enjoy it, and there are a whole lot of people out there who enjoy RS3. Review bombing it's just dumb, without RS3 we wouldn't have OSRS today and with no RS3 at the future OSRS would call for improved revenue which would bring MTX into the fore.


RS3 still actually makes more money than OSRS. Without RS3 Jagex loses a lot of revenue and must make it up somewhere or it simply collapses.


Then you are like me, and we'll ignore it like we have been ignoring RS3 for ages. No need to fire the game when Jagex gave us what we wanted, that was Buy Runescape gold.


That's the entire point of user reviews, to let prospective players are aware that the second an alternative popped up, you jumped ship since the item is garbage. Review bombing is bad, but is avoiding any negative reviews.


MMOs are ever-changing beasts and not playing for a couple of years can really put you out of the loop. On top of that, there were always choices to rs3. If you adore OSRS and had to wait patiently for it to come outside to depart rs3, then you probably love rs3 also, even if you hate some aspects of it. Just leave it alone. Leave the warnings to people who currently play it.

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