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11 февраля 2020 г. 06:56, г. Werl, Германия Смотреть на карте

Without dumbing it down in the OSRS gold

Like minor macros or multi binds (such as wand/orb on 1 key), there are ways to earn pvm and shifting more accessible without dumbing it down in the OSRS gold top level. Having an art ceiling is unquestionably better than having one ring which covers vig/asr/rod and being able to pf/flank/lunge on a single weapon etc.. If that is the reverse of switchscape I would say good in this circumstance.


 Personally, I believe there ought to be a counter mechanic to get shields/defenders, where incoming attacks are marginally reduced and increase the damage of your next attack are marginally increased dependent on the incoming damage, so that they can compete with 2H and Dual-Wield against supervisors that do a lot of damage. For slayer and easy bosses, dual-wield and 2Hs stay best DPS as much damage is taken.


Runescape has a core system for making any kind of ability arguments from a DPS perspective. Skill in Runescape's combat system comes from boss mechanic execution, strategy, and equipment (zero-tick KK reso, surging telos fee such as ). Attempting to generate a DPS skill discussion at a GCD-based, 600ms game tick system where RNG and your equipment constitutes 90% of your DPS is laughable. 


There is nothing wrong with increasing skill ceiling, but how to make money on runescape 2018 doing so by fighting the button and UI spam isn't the thing to do. People that argue for switch-scape would be the people that are looking mindlessly mash while team mates carry them and just to not need to pay any attention to the boss itself.

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