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9 февраля 2020 г. 07:31, г. Werl, Германия Смотреть на карте

OSRS gold especially taxing areas

 Other times, I'd swipe (to drag an item or rotate the camera) only to have runescape behave as if I had tapped the place the swipe began. Also, in OSRS gold especially taxing areas/situations (like battling Double Agents and Saradomin Mages, or whenever I'm up on the very top of White Wolf Mountain), tapping items to equip or swap items does not always register.


Some especially click-intensive activities should be avoided. One was booming Mort Myre Fungus for one hour. On PC, in my regular spot, I can normally generate 2600-2800 fungus per run. But involving having to tap-hold through Ghasts and Snails, having runescape chop down a nearby tree when I really tapped onto the bloomed log nearby, and using runescape pick items on the ground when tapping neighboring (and therefore launching the Area Loot interface), I only managed 1800 in the one run I did on Mobile. That is a significant drop-off in efficiency.


Speaking of Area Loot, among the very irritating characteristics of Mobile is when one chooses to tap-hold an item stack on the floor, select a particular item, and select Take... it unlocks Area Loot no matter what item you select. This is a problem in situations where lots of things have expired in the area and Buy Runescape gold left junk on the ground I do not want which fills the Area Loot port to the stage that the item I selected does not show up at all. I would like at least an Choice to skip Area Loot when specifically selecting Take on a product in a stack on the floor.

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