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20 января  2020 г. 05:01, г. Werl, Германия Смотреть на карте

Just leave people open to OSRS gold

And other methods are a lot more easy to notice. It fights skull tricking, an improvement that is not perfect but still. It would just leave people open to OSRS gold high recover cost that recover cost is less by a factor of 20, although should they somehow bring their weapons that are good'.


Sure ge scamming, making people or hope trading drop their items will exist, but these are much easier for a new runescape participant to recognise over skull tricking and animation. I wish not really. If while he's got an alt standing next to him, you take the attack option away and using dragonbreath you will skull. Much like last weeks' herb upgrade; your auto retaliated along with when someone threw a bomb, you'd skull. I have turned the option off long ago to prevent accidently clicking on somebody (that saved me when somebody had been cosplaying earth warriors and I almost assaulted them), but it is not foolproof unfortunately.


I agree, it's unfair and bothersome. Now if you're in multi you letting them kill you than auto as you describe or're better off running. I don't know whether it would be fair to remove for this reason. In either circumstance skulling in the suggested proposal would'just' add sub-5m to your passing cost, and you're not dropping 3 items you did not expect to loose. Not a perfect solution but not as punishing than the current situation.


People constantly blame EoC for why PvP is dead in RS3 but when we're being honest here, the ability to rush down people with 1 item be it Korasi sword, AGS, D Claws, DDS, or even Gmaul pre-EoC had killed off many the people who would risk armour sets and that was back when BiS was Nex items and second best wasn't as extravagant a cost as it would be today. Now that Nex equipment is essentially your baseline and buy runescape mobile gold potentially BiS gear is heaps of hours to substitute you'd never see that sort of casual threat or participate in dangerous PvP on either side and surely not with skulltricks rampant. On that note, I believe the bombs have begun triggering familiar aggro skulltricks from tripping skulls 31, AGAIN, which I thought by now they'd have only disabled.

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