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Dribbling and passing skills on FIFA 20 Coins

Shaqiri possesses sublime dribbling and passing skills on FIFA 20 Coins, while his five-star ability moves let him perform the El Tornado tip - flicking the ball up and unleashing a ferocious volley. The Swiss is best used with a dead-eye chemistry style, which bumps his shooting and passing up to 88 and 87 respectively.


Shaqiri possesses sublime dribbling and passing skills on FIFA 19, while his five-star skill moves let him execute the El Tornado trick - flicking up the ball and unleashing a fierce volley.The Swiss is used with a dead-eye chemistry mode, which lumps his shooting and passing up to 88 and 87 respectively.


A passing score of 78 combined with his terrific dribbling stats make him the perfect No.10 for your group, especially as his 39 strength means he could get overpowered at a deeper role.Lanzini is a four-star skiller, so if your competitor makes use of the constant pressure strategic option, you can easily go past defenders with skill motions such as La Croqueta or even the Ronaldo Chop.


Schurrle is available for a portion of the price, and is a brilliant option for anyone counting the pennies.Pace is not as important on FIFA 19 because it had been in buy Fut 20 Coins previous editions, therefore the German remains powerful despite being slower than most of his fellow broad men.

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