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The game is yet to buy Maple M Mesos

Developer of the most popular PC game MapleStory has long had a variant of the sport, Pocket MapleStory, but until now there has been a gentle launch and a variant in select countries. The game comes to all users with a localized version for 16, Now.


The mobile version of the game packs at the MaplestoryM Mesos full side-scrolling MMORPG desktop encounter including all 1,500 distinct quests, real time online multiplayer performance, and rich, vibrant environments.Available today, the side-scrolling action that fans have loved for over a decade on the PC today gives players the chance to explore the vast and vibrant universe of Maple World on cellular devices. Pocket MapleStory has garnered over seven thousand downloads from Asia and has been the number one game on the App Store and Google Play at Taiwan and Korea. The game had also ranked first and second in free game class on the App Store at China and Japan respectively... In honor of this worldwide launch, there will be two launch events for fans to make extra in-game rewards.


Android users are receiving the game with a launch on Google Play for free, but with in-app purchases available for character and items customizations.Developer NEXON Korea mentioned in its press release the game already has"over seven thousand downloads in Asia and has been the number one free game on both the App Store and Google Play at Korea and Taiwan." The game is yet to buy Maple M Mesos acquire a release on iOS, this year but it is going to come to all users on the stage.Through the union coin account integration, the union system was reorganized so that the products can be easily purchased by the union shop without transferring the coin warehouse to some personality.


In celebration of the upgrade, Nexon will maintain a limited-time'Adventure' event and open an'Adventure' coin store where you can buy items with an coin. You can find an occasion coin by participating in'experience drill' to kill scarecrow creatures put in the event map and'mini-game with 100 adventures' like bingo and password mystery have.

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