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Before the end of the Maplestory M Mesos

In addition to this, a new battlefield game"Return Fighting Legend" will start with the accession of a new avatar"Winky". It takes 10 minutes to catch a monster play before the end of the Maplestory M Mesos
 match through the last minute and then to grow the team. Additionally,'Burning World' which can grow personality is operated. If you create up to two mega-burning characters on earth, you will get 1 2 degree up effects and various items,'Burning World Skill' while increasing to 130 level.On the flip side, Nexon will begin the"Momentum" on January 10th and the"Pathfinder" on January 31 and also the"Squad" upgrade on February 28th in this winter.

Even though the MapleStory 2 staff claims they"actively monitor the Design Shop for offensive substance in addition to possess a reporting system," the volume of offensive things is providing them trouble.With a glowing colour scheme and cutsie characters, MapleStory 2 appears like it's aimed toward youngsters.

Here's a statement on the issue from the MapleStory 2 team:"All the items under the'Design Shop' are created by MaplestoryM Mesos
 players, not Nexon. Our policy is to let players create, but we examine and prohibit players and content according to ToS and reports of offensive content.We actively track the Design Shop for offensive material in addition to have a reporting system so that players can report content they find offensive through built in tools. Depending on the report, we closely remove the item from the shop, and from the inventory of the players who purchased and review each and every thing, and ban player accounts.
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