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6 мая 2019 г. 05:27, г. Werl, Германия Смотреть на карте

Play because they don't like wow classic gold

I don't want players to have turned away because 3 minutes they get disconnected and need to sit at a 10 min q just to sit there waiting to get a bat to spawn becoming disconnected.

If folks don't need to play because they don't like wow classic gold
 fine but if they do not want to play because of the other reasons its fucking stupid and your a moron if you think its a food thing.I think the more folks in the harder it created WoW Classic.

It's not disabled for you people but all. You really saw that WoW Classic was alive and that is why if sharding is implamented that I wish to see it as much as possible. Finding and drifting across the world to discover a place where you could level and when you have tough grinded something and see that some folks lower degree than you feels good.

Finest motive for WoW Classic has been able to pvp in elysium project nethergarde gold

 raid gear and steam roll the enemy. I had been a human mage. And in the event that you truly played with vanilla WoW Classic, you'd know a mage with understanding was probably among the most broken things in classic pvp. Clases that could lock down me was the shaman tree along with demonstration locks together with the spell that procs a double hit. Those shamans were particularly deadly if they had a hands of sulfuron legendary 2h mace.

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