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The main reason I have loved this game so much, even when I was never really good at it was because it had been enjoyable, new, and different. When things in Maplestory M Mesos life were too heavy for me to think about it gave me something to think about and love. The individuals who left this community made their very own because the game was actually good continued it.

For creating a game that gave me something grand to be a part of and touched my heart so I thank you, Wizet and Nexon. Have the Anniversary an MMORPG has ever been known, for the sake of the ones that enjoy it.

Why? Your party members do, because when attempting to determine whether the boss being assaulted by the celebration has Damage Reflection, you're left wondering what exactly is occurring with the harm numbers. Was enough, as if trying to see beyond your own damage numbers.

My suggestion is this:Similarily to buy Maplestory 2 Mesos Root Abyss and other places, where you do not find the damage amounts of different people, eliminate the damage numbers from all the bosses on the Boss List.This is not specific to a item from the Maplestory 2 Mesos shop or necessarily the numbers or cost of these items, but more about the ideology Nexon is moving based on announcements I have been reading from Nexon concerning this occasion and what management events similar to this may be headed in the future.

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