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The Battle Star you have to collect could be Fortnite items

The Battle Star you have to collect could be Fortnite items located just north of a home beside a gasoline station, as pictured below.

The rest of Week 8 is fairly simple, though that doesn't necessarily make it all easy. Search chests in Salty Springs is as
straightforward as repeatedly landing at the start of a match and grinding your way into the seven you need--be sure to head for rooftops so you can easily check attics.

If you're hoping to do the related challenge, search seven chests in one match, you're going to want to prevent Salty Springs--other gamers are likely to be fortnite weapons swarming the region seeking chests. Instead, your best bet is to go far away in your Battle bus's flight path and avoid conflict at all costs.

Another challenge has you cope 250 headshot damage to opponents; simply do everything you can to aim high, and you can grind your way for this one. Similarly you can get three curbed weapon eliminations by just getting your hands on one and using it at every chance. And that's true of eliminating three opponents in Pleasant Park--begin matches there, luck to a weapon before somebody else, and you should have the ability to take care of it without too much trouble.

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