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Standing levels for Fortnite materials

Players can also take part in ranked duels even if a rated tournament is not active, scavenge new legendary gear, and gain 10 more standing levels for Fortnite materials every hero class (raising the reputation cap for every class from 50 to 60).

If you decide to hop into For Honor and provide the Storm and Fury upgrade a go, you will be happy to hear that the For Honor game's makeup collection process remains intact. Furthermore, if you prefer battling AI bot competitions, be watching for a very special Raider bot.

For Honor Cosmetic Removal Plan Are Scrapped Due to Fan Feedback

In the wake of severe fan blowback, Ubisoft has decided to cancel plans it had made to de-clutter the For Honor in-For Honor game cosmetics store by eliminating a large section of the Buy fortnite items items which are currently available and later re-introducing them on a rotating availability basis.

It all started last week when Ubisoft community developer Eric Pope announced a brand new Summer Sale event via Reddit, a sale that briefly lowered the Steel cost of roughly 146 different cosmetic items.

 Steel, for those who don't know, is in-For Honor game money that may either be earned via For Honor gameplay or purchased via real cash microtransactions. The Summer Sale was mainly meant to serve as one last sendoff for the cosmetic items in question since, once the sale was finished, these items would be taken from this match to help make way for new upcoming items.

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