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17 марта 2022 г. 08:41

Why do I get a toothache? How to...

I firmly believe that many people have read the sentence "Toothache is not a disease, it hurts really bad!", I firmly believe that most people will have the feeling of toothache, which will directly affect the diet and sleep quality. When toothache occurs, many people are not easy to care too much. It is very likely that they can take some anti-inflammatory pain relievers, or use some folk remedies to relieve the toothache. But is there really no problem with toothache? 

For the cause of the toothache, it should be understood as soon as possible, and then certain effective measures can be taken to treat it later.caused by tooth decay,Tooth pain caused by tooth decay is mainly pain when eating, especially eating sweet and iced food. This kind of food falling into the cavity will cause temporary pain. In this case, only the tooth must be filled. .Inflammation of the tooth nerve,Pain caused by inflammation of the tooth nerve, the main feature of this type of pain is spontaneous pain, pain at night, and the irritation of cold water or boiling water may be aggravated, and root canal treatment of the tooth is necessary.root inflammation,The pain caused by the inflammation of the root of the tooth is specifically manifested as pain in the occlusion of the tooth. When the tooth encounters it, there will be a relatively strong pain.tooth inflammation,The pain caused by tooth inflammation is mainly partial soreness. dentist in hong kong redness and swelling of the cheeks. In more serious cases, it will cause limited mouth opening. 

Anti-infective treatment must be carried out. After the inflammation has subsided, the wisdom teeth will be removed.diet therapy,As the saying goes: "Prevent problems before they happen, talk too much, you will lose", or there is a certain reason. The study found that most patients with periodontitis often have uncertain three meals, disordered diets, and unscientific dietary structure. Therefore, patients with dental diseases must pay attention to abstinence and eat a reasonable diet if they want to completely cure the disease.So how do you start a diet plan? It is recommended that patients take food with sufficient minerals in their daily diet, pay attention to light nutrients in their diet, and moderate intake of vegetables and fruits. 

And pay attention to the intake of foods containing rich and colorful protein, protein can enhance the body's immunity, help fight infection, and be beneficial to the treatment of dental diseases.In addition, dental diseases are closely related to daily life and dietary structure. It is recommended to cultivate a good lifestyle, frequently brushing and gargling, gargling and cleaning, paying attention to oral health, and eating less spicy, irritating, and heat-prone foods. Sexual foods to ensure a regular and effective daily diet.pork loin soup,Pork belly, broken bones, put water and boil soup, add salt and seasoning to take. It can be eaten once a day, which is beneficial to relieve toothache, especially for patients who are very easy to feel tired after proper physical activity, which in turn causes toothache.ice,Didn't watch basketball? In many cases, when a teammate is injured on the football field, it is only necessary to spray some items on the injured position, and after a while the football player jumps up and down again, which is actually an ice application. How to stop toothache quickly? If it is a toothache, just use a damp cotton towel or ice cubes close to the toothache.

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