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7 января  2022 г. 12:35

A few tips for open kitchens and...

Choose the right material for your kitchen furniture

If you are particularly fond of open kitchens, then you should pay attention to the decoration and 開放式廚房 should choose the right furniture, giving priority to furniture that is easy to clean.

Because open kitchens must be located in the living room or near the porch, it is important to choose eco-friendly materials that are easier to clean and particularly beautiful for the decorations in the porch and near the living room.

We recommend choosing flooring or reinforced flooring during the renovation process,開放式廚房 and try not to choose the decoration and furniture in the hall, otherwise it will be difficult to clean and will lower the level of the whole decoration style. It is not only very difficult to clean, but also not beautiful.

Rational use of space

The reason why so many hourly workers and nannies are so clean and tidy after cleaning an open kitchen is because we use the space wisely.

After all, even in an open kitchen, there is a lot of clutter in the kitchen, so 開放式廚房 it is important to make the most of the space so that you can put it all in place.

It is important to use the space of hanging cabinets and floor cabinets wisely. In addition, it is also necessary to use the walls wisely. You can install some shelves on the wall and some hooks on the sterilizer and refrigerator.

In this way, spatulas can be hung, spoon racks can be placed on spice bottles, etc. This can effectively avoid these miscellaneous items from occupying the kitchen countertop, saving space and beautifying the decorative style.

In our cooking process, we may use a series of spice bottles and the first common tools, in order to be able to facilitate the use of clean open kitchen.

You can also prepare a shelf in the kitchen and then in a small space, so you can make yourself more convenient during the cooking process.

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