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20 декабря 2021 г. 12:32

Treatment of scars, keloids and ...

What is a hyperplastic scar?

When the wound heals slowly due to some abnormality, the fiber cells that make 除疤膏有用嗎 are overproduced, and the growth of the fibers makes the wound red and swollen. In the case of hyperplastic scars, the lesion will not spread beyond the wound. Sometimes it looks like a mushroom. Unlike keloids, hypertrophic scars will gradually fade over time, and the swelling will gradually flatten, causing the wound to become soft. The treatment is also expected to be effective and can be cured with appropriate treatment.

What is keloid scar

Keloids may need to have important genetic predispositions in their development, and seem to be more common in people with allergic diseases. Keloids look like hypertrophic scars. The main difference is that the lesion extends beyond the wound to normal skin. It also often suffers from pain and itching. Keloids often relapse and aggravate because they have not achieved the therapeutic effect. However, the expected treatment will reduce the symptoms.


As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to make a clear distinction between hypertrophic scars and keloids. Reasons and treatment research methods can hardly be the same.

· Oral medication

Rezaben (tranilast) is currently the only drug that is insured and prescribed in Japan to treat hypertrophic scars and keloids. Rezaben is also used as an anti-allergic drug, which has the effect of inhibiting the growth and proliferation of fibrous tissue cells in the skin with increased adverse reactions, and reducing the redness and itching of the patient's wound.

・ Steroid ointment, tape

Because steroids have anti-inflammatory effects, they can inhibit the proliferation of skin fibroblasts and are effective against redness and itching. Drenison tape is a steroid tape. When used outside of the scar, it will cause redness on the normal part of the skin, and it may be difficult to remove the redness, so the tape should be attached to the inside of the scar.

・ Compression therapy

It is said that the use of silicon film to press wound management can effectively reduce the blood flow of keloids and inhibit the proliferation of Chinese skin fibroblasts. In addition, by applying a certain amount of pressure by ourselves, the wound will not be scratched by clothes or body movement, so we can reduce the irritation to the wound at the same time.

・ Steroid injection

Corticosteroids, so-called steroids, are injected into keloids. Compared to steroid treatments that can be done with ointment or tape, it is more effective because it directly affects the injection. However, the injection is painful, and continuing education should be chosen once a month during the treatment. In addition, if no medicine is too effective, skin problems may appear sunken.

·operation treatment

Surgery to remove the lesion and suture the surrounding normal skin from the inside to prevent recurrence. Because some simple surgical techniques are extremely prone to recurrence, it is also possible to prevent recurrence through research and use of conservative treatment methods based on the above. If the wound recurs after the operation, the wound may become larger. Therefore, even after the operation, we must actively take reasonable and appropriate internal and external environmental treatments to prevent risks. Radiation therapy can be used in combination with the system to prevent recurrence. Combined with the actual use of radiotherapy, recurrence can be significantly reduced. The so-called electron beam is irradiated several to dozens of times. It has the effect of inhibiting the proliferation of skin fibers on radiation wounds to enhance cell proliferation. In the early stage of keloid formation and development, it is still relatively ineffective, but it has little effect on old keloids. The sequelae may mainly include skin diseases and pigmentation

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