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8 сентября 2021 г. 08:09

Common Misunderstandings of pers...

personal accident insurance refers to an insurance in which the insured person dies or becomes permanently disabled due to an accident and pays all or part of the insurance amount. Next, I would like to introduce some common misunderstandings in personal accident insurance and the points that should be paid attention to when making claims.

Misunderstanding 1: The higher the amount of personal accident insurance, the higher the payout.

personal accident insurance has restrictions on the amount of death insurance for minors. Minors do not have the ability to work and have no wage income. Therefore, the death insured amount is determined according to a person's 10-year basic living 意外保險. In most areas, the death insured amount does not exceed 50,000 yuan. parents should pay attention to the limit of death insurance limit when choosing accident insurance for their children.

Mistake 2: You can get full compensation by purchasing accident insurance from different insurance companies.

If consumers purchase accident insurance from two or more insurance companies, they can claim compensation from multiple insurance companies. personal accident insurance compensation is divided into two parts: death and disability insurance premiums and medical expenses (the latter requires additional and additional premiums). Death and disability insurance is a fixed amount of insurance paid to the insured company in the event of death or disability caused by an accident. The amount of insurance payable is determined based on the degree of disability and the total amount of insurance payable at the time of death.

The medical expenses are the principle of expense compensation, that is, the insured can only get compensation, not benefit. Medical expenses caused by accidents can be claimed from multiple insurance companies within the medical expenses limit, but the cumulative amount of compensation shall not exceed the actual medical expenses.

Misunderstanding 3: personal accident insurance can bear all accident risks.

personal accident insurance is only applicable to accidents within the scope of the insurance policy. At the same time, separate or add different accident insurances as needed. Some situations are not accidents, but are due to my conscious behavior, such as suicide and self-injury. Neither direct nor indirect intentions are accidents.

The key is to see the cause of the injury, the cause of the accident, and the resulting injury is an accident, but although the result is an accident, and the cause of the accident is not an accident, you should generally not think of accidental injuries.

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