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16 декабря 2021 г. 11:22

The best way to lose weight fast...

Losing weight is something that many of us are doing now, especially for this summer, everyone wants to shake off the body fat, but many 陳倩揚減肥 feel that their weight loss methods are not handled well, and the effect of weight loss is not good. Obviously, many people are looking for ways to lose weight quickly. Today, the editor can introduce and analyze the ways to lose weight quickly in China.

The best way to lose weight fast

Stepped style is better than yo-yo style

Many people envy the rapid weight loss of "60 kg in three months". But no matter how you lose weight, how can you get fat back in the future!"! This is the so-called yo-yo effect. If you let your body continue to play the game of yo-yo, back and forth on the roller coaster, as fat cells become more and more stubborn, weight loss becomes more and more difficult. According to the survey, about 80% of people who lose weight in a non-professional way will regain weight within a year, and 20% will lose weight after consulting a professional doctor or nutritionist. Looking at all the people who lose weight, most of them are excited after losing weight, and it cannot be sustained.

Balance reduction, can’t reduce variety

We must know that the way for the human body to metabolize energy is to burn carbohydrates first, and then burn fat. A high-protein diet allows the body to skip the metabolism of carbohydrates, which directly affects the burning of fat and loses weight in a short time. But because Excessive use of fat burning process management will continue to produce ketone bodies, leading to ketosis. Ketone poisoning can also cause bad breath, headaches, dehydration and even coma. In the United States, high school students once used this highly competitive method to lose weight, but they died suddenly.

Eating only meat is not good, but how about eating only high-fiber foods? A daily intake of more than 160 grams of fiber can speed up the passage of food through the digestive tract, leading to insufficient absorption of vitamins and minerals, and a long-term low-calorie diet can slow down the body's metabolism and accelerate the accumulation of fat. So the healthiest way to lose weight is to lose weight, not to lose weight.

Calories are the point

Liposuction has always been one of the most popular projects in plastic surgery and weight loss institutions. However, liposuction not only has a limited effect on weight loss, but if there is not enough fat, it may also cause muscle and nerve injury. Fat, which is often regarded as the culprit of obesity, is actually an indispensable component of the human body. When the human body consumes insufficient energy, it will break down the fat in adipose tissue to supplement the energy required for life; fat is also responsible for synthetic hormones and hormones. Hormones to cope with stress. Therefore, too little fat may cause insufficient resistance to stress, enough fat can keep the internal organs in a normal position, and insufficient body fat can easily lead to "free kidneys". Not only will it cause back pain, but the kidneys may also be damaged due to long-term displacement. . In addition, eating foods that are said to be low-fat or fat-free does not mean that you will not gain weight, because fat-free does not mean that you have no calories.

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