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7 сентября 2021 г. 07:24

Backpack selection suitable for ...

The straps of some backpacks can be adjusted to fit the neck and shoulders. From there, they should become a coat tightly integrated with the shoulders. Adjust the lifting straps to a perfect 45-degree angle. The lifting straps will help you remove the weight around your shoulders, or even move the weight away from your shoulders to your hips. Once the waist belt and shoulder straps are adjusted 綠斜孭袋, it feels like a waist belt runs from the top of the shoulder to the frame and tightens.

put gravity on the waist and hips

When traveling, pull the adjustment strap between the shoulder strap and the backpack with both hands. Lean forward so that the weight of walking is concentrated on the waist, hips, and back without any pressure. In an emergency, the upper limbs can be flexible.

Keep head movement free

If the hiking bag is installed too high, you will not be able to look up at the sky. Adjust your bag so that it tilts from your head. The best way to balance the burden is to buy a bag and pretend you want to go hiking. Take everything you need and walk with it on your back several times.

Response in danger

The rope must be used to protect you from rapids and steep terrain. When passing without protection, loosen the shoulder straps and open the waist and chest straps to separate the bag as soon as possible in a dangerous situation.

In fact, regarding the outdoors, equipment is important,

More importantly, open your heart.

Always remain curious about the unknown, hope for the good,

After reading this article, are you still hesitating, why don't you act quickly?

Let us embark on a long road together and embrace a better life!

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