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22 марта 2019 г. 10:19

Clinker grinding station application

Divided by cement production process as cement clinker factory, clinker grinding station and the preparation of four types of plants. clinker grinding station, including: cement china grinding mill, homogenization and preparation of cement, cement and bulk packaging manufacturing processes of enterprises. LM series is mainly used for a variety of vertical roller mill slag, limestone, barite and other minerals in the milling process.

Increasingly widespread use of slag, fly ash will be used in its powder form. Therefore, all new clinker grinding station to be considered in the end, the former library located slag cement (or fly ash) and slag powder library (or fly) measurement scale, in order to match with a cement mill by 'all' of post- into the cement silo.

A clinker grinding station is finished production in the last stages of the formation of a separate and independent production unit of finished. This phase will add the right amount of mixed clinker material regalia, output finished. The production generally can be divided into raw material preparation, clinker and made rum the three processes. Silicate production process in production representative, is composed of limestone and clay as the main raw material, crushing, ingredients, made rum finely ground raw material, and then calcite kiln feed mature material, and then cooked expected to increase the amount of gypsum (sometimes mixed with mixed material or admixture) from finely ground.

If the clinker grinding station and clinker production lines with built in mine, because most of the city mixed material waste generated, these hybrid materials to be transported to a nearby cement plant built in the mines, the ground into cement and then transported to the city, increased transportation costs. Therefore, the clinker production line to be built near the mines, cement clinker grinding station to be built near the market. Ball grinding efficiency is a green industry.

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