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21 марта 2019 г. 10:29

What are the three crushing stages of roll crusher?

Our roll crusher is suitable for the medium and fine crushing of materials with medium hardness such as limestone, slag, coke and coal in such industrial departments as cement, chemistry, power, metallurgy, building material and refractory. we thinks that learning knowledge about the calcium carbonate equipment mechanism of roller crusher is conducive to further expanding its application range.

The main working part of a roller crusher is the two tooth rollers which are installed in parallel. On each roller, there are a certain amount of tooth rings installed along the axial direction, and the opposite rotation of the tooth rollers realizes material crushing. The action process of the tooth rollers on the materials can be divided into three stages:

(1) When rotating tooth roller meets large-sized materials, it first impacts and cuts the materials, and then pulls and tears them. If the materials are crushed and can be bit in by the tooth roller and they will go into the second stage for crushing, otherwise, the tooth roller will slide on the surface of the materials which will have to wait to be crushed by the next tooth roller.

(2) The second stage refers to the process starting from the materials are bit in to the first pair of tooth finishes crushing. In this stage, the interface of the tooth gradually changes from big to small and then becomes big again. Then the materials with big granularity will be squeezed and crushed, and then be squeezed out from the backlash in circular tooth.

(3) When the first pair of tooth stops the biting, large quantities of crushed materials will be discharged, and the few materials with big granularity will be stopped by the splitting rods. When the tooth roller moves close to the splitting rod, it will split the big materials together with the splitting rod and force the materials out of the crushing chamber.

In this way, the crushing process of a pair of tooth finishes and this is similar to the whole crushing process of a roller crusher.

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