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11 марта 2019 г. 06:16

Combining sand aggregate production is good for cement plant transformation

Cement plant is an industry with excess production capacity listed by the National Development and Reform Commission and Industry and Information Technology. When the policy does not support and even suppress, it is not practical for cement plants to seek for further development with the method of simply expanding production scale. As a matter of fact, the market demands for cement machinery still have a pretty large increasing space. According to the professional analysis, due to the new type of urbanization construction and infrastructure construction, the market demands for such raw materials as cement and steel will continue to even about 10 years, and it is not necessary to consider the decrease of demand in cement market.

There is a vast market, but the policy does not support the development of cement plant, for this reason, the cement making plant will have to figure out another way out. As a professional and the leading company that can supply both cement equipments and sand making machine, our company has long seen this, and our company has thought of what concerns customers and provides a solution for cement making plant, which is developing sand making production at the same, thus forming the comprehensive and vertical production pattern of sand aggregate-cement-concrete.

The existing and potential customers of cement products will have huge demands for aggregates and concrete. After knowing this, we can rapidly transforming the customers with the cement demand to customers with the demands for sand aggregate and concrete. This is determined by national demand and relation in the mining equipment industry, and there is no need to waste labor and materials to expand the market, and at the same time, customers will feel it convenient to purchase cement and aggregate from the same company, and what is more, it will improve the comprehensive strength and overall image of the cement plant.

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