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29.06.2019 06:12

Judging from the coal industry, it is learned that China will create new coal mine with size about 300 million tons, and industrial restructuring will occur by strong integration and retrofitting existing coal mines, closing small coal mines, eliminating coal mines with backward production capacity, so as to accelerate the construction of large coal mining bases and large modern coal mining, which will provide good opportunities for development of coal mining machinery enterprises in China.

Coal is the primary energy in China, and material base indispensable to the national economy and social development, so coal occupies an important role in Chinas energy structure. Entering the 21st century, coal industry has made rapid development in China. Coal is an important basic industry, and Chinas coal production ranks the first in the world, so China is a coal-producing country, China coal industry now has the ability to design, construct and manage open-pit coal mines and large and medium


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21.06.2019 11:49

Load acting on mobile concrete crusher is actually the inertia force and inertia moment generated by movable vertebrae and vibrator, which is a cyclical dynamic load, therefore, it is inevitable to cause crusher vibration. Vibration forms of concrete crusher are vertical circular vibration, horizontal vibration, pendulum vibration, as well as extraneous vibration which is caused by intense shock and vibration, among which, horizontal circular vibration is principal oscillation, and other vibration forms are relatively small, so we here mainly talk about vibration isolation system of horizontal circular vibration.

Body of concrete crusher is located on the isolation system if set shear elastic stiffness of vibration isolation system as K, total mass of material in concrete crushing machine as M, inertial force of concrete crusher in any horizontal direction as Fc, then the spring mass system of concrete crushing


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09.05.2019 12:28

Coal mining ore using mobile crushing plant has become a trend in the country to promote the wide base of mining equipment. In mining, the ore stone crusher is fierce competition among the various types of crusher manufacturers. Among them, the quarry crusher of zenith overwhelmingly dominated.

The models have high-performance, high reliability, attractive appearance, reached the international level of similar products. Widely used in road and bridge construction, urban construction, metallurgy, energy, and other departments, the crushing, screening and other operations. Mobile crusher plant is the company to meet market demand, independent research and development of mobile crushing and screening equipment.Concrete play a vital role in road construction and civil engineering, and is divided into coarse concrete and fine concrete. Coarse concrete main include pebbles, gravel, waste residues, and fine concrete include the fine sand, fly ash etc.


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26.04.2019 06:41

The rock pulverizer machines play very important roles in the industrial development. According to size of feeding and discharging granularity, the stone crushers can be divided into three types: coarse crushing type, medium crushing type and fine crushing type. The commonly used machines for crushing stones are jaw crusher machine, impact crusher, used rock crusher, single-stage hammer machinery machine, crusher cone, double roller crusher and so on. In the selling process of stone crushers, we find that the price is a matter of widespread concern when the customers buy crushers. However, not all overpriced crusher is the best crusher. Then, what about the performance and price of stone crushers?

Hammer machinery equipment is also known as hammering machine, which is suitable for crushing stones with medium hardness. It has such features as big crushing ratio, even discharging granularity, less


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24.04.2019 09:15

Our country always encourages development of the industries which are conductive to social progress. Mining machinery industry has made remarkable contributions to the market, hence, development of mining industry is strongly supported by our country. In order to cope with changeable development trends of market, our company positively adjusts development directions of enterprise. Therefore, mining crushers such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, zenith mobile crusher and other crushing equipment of our company are still big step forward in fierce market competition.

Large size, energy conservation and environmental protection are the challenges faced by mining machinery equipment for a long time in the future. For the challenges, our company has no fears but full of expectation. Because, our company is timely ready to accept new challenges. As the leading manufacturer of mining machinery equipment, our company always stays clear-mined and rapidly makes the judgment


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23.04.2019 09:03

The investment scope on railway construction will directly drive our engineering machinery according to some related reports, which cannot be neglected for every mining enterprise, and this is the reason why all related machinery enterprises pay more attention to the railway construction at this right minute. Some of those enterprises hope that the sales amount can reach one new point, and the others emphasis on the development and researchment on new products, taking quartz crushing machine for example, which is one of the most significant products in the construction of railway, highway, bridge and so on, and the above projects all need big amount of raw materials including sandstone and aggregate.

Sandstone equipment mainly includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder and so on, which can be widely used in railway construction. The


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22.04.2019 05:35

We really want to know whether it is necessary to equip with the sand washer in the sand production line, and we also want to acknowledge whether the silica sand processing plant is invincible in the sand production line or not, so today the experts coming from Hongxing will introduce some basic information to all of the customers who are looking for them.

We firstly think about thejaw crusher and impact crusher when we say the issues about sand production line. Because of the famous reputation of the two mining machines and some people who has some relationship with mining machinery will know the two mining machines. The sand production line that we know has the flowing procedures including vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, tertiary impact crusher, vibrating screen, sand washer, belt conveyor and so on which are the main mining machines in the line. Some performance characteristics of them will not be described today. Today we will


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19.04.2019 11:51

Our national crushing industry has the wide prospect and better investing environment. The rock breaking machine can crush the material whose crushing hardness and comprehensive strength are no more than 320 MPA, and some practical stone and rock are just in this range in the reality, which can be crushed by the quarry machine. There is one deep relationship between the producing efficiency and hardness of the material. There are some miner including the gold, silver, lead and zinc, limonite, Ying quarry, which have the different hardness of various materials, so the size of the mineral material is different in the feeding granularity, and some elements above on will make a big difference to the producing efficiency of rock breaking machine.

There are so many mining manufacturers entering into the mining crushing market, which directly influences the complex brands and worse producing features, especially the quality of them which limits


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17.04.2019 09:45

The mechanical disruption has been the most popular crushing method for the mobile stone crusher in for many years.In modern times, the construction of the large scale coal base and the centralization of the coal preparing industry force the crushing equipment manufacturers to go the way of upsizing and intelligent development. In such case, the mechanical crushing starts to be the most common and effective grinding method. Moreover, the mechanical disruption method needs little cost of the manufacturers, which is the other key reason that makes it popular among customers.

Most crushing processes in the mine field are operated based on their own different working principles and these processes are mainly physical crushing procedures. Because the materials that need to be crushed are in large number and with high hardness, in daily mining life we often consider the mechanical disruption method to realize the ideal crushing results.


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16.04.2019 05:41

This stone crusher plant adopts the electric motor as the power. The eccentric shaft is revolved by an electric motor through v-belts. It causes the swing jaw following the preconcerted path to crush the feeding material. Thus the material will be crushed in the crushing chamber which is composed of the stationary jaw plate, swing jaw plate and the liner plate. The material is discharged from the lower part of machine that is what you want.

The space between impact plate and plate hammer is convenient to adjust. The finished product is cubic-shaped.Impact stone crusher is small in size, occupying very little space. Designed with a hydraulic opening device, easy and convenient to operate, install and maintain. The new wear resistant materials enable the plate hammer, impact plate and lining plate to have a longer service life.

The impact stone crusher is used for crushing various rocks, constructing railway, expressway roadbed


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