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Смотреть 'Nouveau guarantee casual look'

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1. The scarf - the last bastion against cool spring air

Life without scarf is feasible, but fashionable highly unsatisfactory for me - so I would modify the famous phrase of Loriot at this point like. A scarf is part of the spring wardrobe like an umbrella. Is it a cashmere silk scarf with classic diamond pattern or in an accent color and with proper binding technique, even more momentum coming into the casual look. And at warmer temperatures from the scarf simply a lightweight cotton or silk cloth. The main thing a little warming neck decoration just ...


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16.05.2016 13:06
Смотреть 'Confirm the unique style of evening dresses'

If we wear beautiful evening dresses, we always hope, the more beautiful is the clothing, the better. As an important element of our shape hairstyle is defined by us. Often, a suitable hairstyle can beautify your evening wear and appearance. Here I will introduce the hairstyle for you.

It usually give four Arte hairstyle that conform to evening dresses at meinropa, elegant "Up-do", simple short hair, classic or retro style, and the fluffy type. And how will we choose the hairstyle for our clothes.

The Up-do: The hair is piled high and the neck is shown. If your hair look long, dense,


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