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15 марта 2021 г. 08:55

Light steel villas save costs and shorten the time

At present, there are many kinds of container houses on the market, and container house prefab villas are becoming more and more recognized by people. Today, PTH will talk to you about the market situation of container house villas?

The price of a container house villa is related to many factors. The materials used, the degree of interior decoration and the place of purchase and installation, etc., are all factors that affect the overall price. The materials used determine the quality of the entire villa. , The better the quality, the longer the service life.

One of the materials on the market for making such houses is color steel plates as wall panels, and steel frames welded by channel steel square steel. In this case, most of them are used for leasing. For example, there are many such houses on the construction site for workers. If we are to build a prefab house, we need to lay foundations, connect water and electricity, ceilings, decoration, etc. The cost is still relatively high. If you rent this kind of house, you can save costs and you can move in in a short time. It can effectively solve the defect of high cost caused by the use of prefabricated house materials on the construction site, and when the construction is completed, the house can be returned, which is very convenient.

There is also a light gauge steel prefabricated villa, which is mainly made of light steel keel, and the wall is made of thermal insulation materials. It is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This is the more popular container house villa at present. It is very comfortable and the internal settings are also very reasonable. It can be decorated according to your own needs, and it is strong and durable.


The above is the sharing made by Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. for everyone, I hope it can be helpful.

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