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18 января  2021 г. 09:10

Regular maintenance and replacement of building protection measures

How should the normal residential light steel villas be maintained? I am afraid that many people have never thought about it. Why do their houses need to be maintained? Why haven’t I heard of the old-fashioned houses needing maintenance? Of course, the house needs to be maintained. It's just that your house is maintained by a property company. After the light steel villa is built, you have no property, so you should know some maintenance knowledge about the light steel villa. The details are as follows:

1. The overall structure of the light steel villa cannot be easily changed. After the light steel villa is completed, the owner cannot make unauthorized changes to the structure, because the components of the light steel villa are integrally linked, which is different from ordinary concrete buildings. It is also impossible to disassemble any bolt component, because it will destroy the overall stability of the house. The built light steel villas cannot add or dismantle the walls by themselves. If you must make changes, you should find professional construction personnel to make changes.

2. Wiring needs to be arranged with special wire grooves. The structural components of the light steel structure villa are integrally linked. When setting up the circuit, the user can not wind the line on the steel structure, because light steel is a conductive body. Leakage may cause serious accidents and threaten the safety of residents. Although the manufacturer will do some insulation or safety treatment, it will inevitably be destroyed after a long time. Therefore, line pipes or line isolation grooves should be installed in light steel villas to avoid electricity accidents.

3. The building protection measures are regularly maintained and replaced. The light steel structure villa needs to maintain the paint painted on the structure during the living process. Regularly check the structure paint condition. If the paint cannot continue to play a protective role, the paint needs to be painted Scrape and repaint the paint to ensure the anti-corrosion effect of the building. At the same time, the roof asphalt shingles of light steel villas need to be replaced every few years according to the actual situation to ensure normal use. These basic maintenance can increase the service life of light steel villas.

Whether it is a light steel villa for normal residential use, or a hotel or famous light steel villa, if the above three points are done in the daily living process, the excellent performance of the villa can be fully guaranteed. High-quality light steel villas can provide people with comfortable and healthy living quarters, and it has a wide range of applications. It is not only suitable for cities, but also for rural areas, and has less environmental requirements. Therefore, the development speed of light steel villas is very high. fast.


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