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11 января  2021 г. 06:03

The container office brings a visually different color experience

The main building of the container office project consists of four 40-foot tall white containers placed in pairs on both sides. The corridors and stairs are kept in the middle, and the front and rear dislocation arrangement creates additional refuge space; the design of the top skylight reduces the use of artificial lighting. The layout of the roof garden reduces solar radiation, can be used as a reservoir to collect rainwater, can cool down, insulate, and beautify the environment. It can bring different color experiences visually and make people feel more comfortable.

The container office project embodies the wisdom of architects, designers, photographers and artists and transforms creativity into practical applications, thus reflecting the close connection between architecture and the city. Although they choose industrial containers as construction materials, they consider using warm and comfortable soft clothes indoors.

The first floor is the reception room, meeting room and public leisure space: chernozem covers most of the walls and the corrugated board of the container. In the middle is a glass curtain wall, connected by a steel frame, and the hollow part is planted with plants.

The second floor is an open office area. The white tables are placed in containers on both sides. Light passes through many glass windows. It is spacious and bright. Work is more dynamic.

Containers are like Lego bricks. Modular buildings that increase or decrease randomly appear in front of the public in different poses. Today, when the concept of environmental protection has taken root in the hearts of the people, it has also opened up a new way of thinking for low-carbon buildings.


There are many possibilities for containers. For more product applications, please click here: container camp.

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