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16 ноября 2020 г. 11:28

Popular issues for container houses

According to the container house manufacturers, various container houses will consider the geological and hydrological conditions before construction, because this has an impact on the connection structure and the use of various components. Many people think that the construction requirements of container houses are easy to construct and Beautiful and generous, but I do not know that it is the same as the ordinary heavy-duty building with safety as the first principle. As a special temporary building, it has many questions to be answered.

Container house manufacturers answer popular questions about container houses

1. How long is the life of the container house?

There is no fixed number of years for the use of container mobile homes. Professional container house manufacturers say that the key depends on the maintenance of materials. The service life of the container house is closely related to the usual maintenance. If it is found that the paint of the container house is peeled off, it should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent rust from further corroding the material, so that the service life can be extended. Corrugated board, the main material of container houses, plays a decisive role in the service life of container houses. The container house manufacturer stated that the thickness of the outer corrugated board, the surrounding columns, and the steel beam thickness of the upper and lower beams must meet the standard.

2. Is the metal house like container safe?

Regarding whether the enclosed metal space is safe from thunderstorms, according to theory: the metal box-shaped building is a safer place, and the electric charge directed to the closed metal container will flow evenly around the periphery without passing through the container (this is the same as on an aircraft Similar), and container house manufacturers will also fully consider the safety issues when designing to ensure that they do not affect normal residence due to thunderstorms.

3. What are the requirements for the ground foundation?

The container house manufacturer claims that most of the current container houses are made of cast-in-place concrete, including unreinforced concrete and reinforced concrete, which are rigid paving structures. They have high strength, good water stability, and good thermal stability; the surface is smooth and wear-resistant, and it is resistant to oil corrosion and high temperature, and it will not show undulating deformation under strong load; it has a long service life and low maintenance costs. The container house manufacturer claims that it mainly regulates the uneven settlement that may occur, and strengthens the integrity of the foundation to make the foundation reaction more uniform.

This kind of container house is also developing in the direction of creative parks and cultural tourism. At present, this type of temporary housing is encouraged in many places. As an industrial policy, it is receiving much attention. Waiting for the city will play a role, even large-scale construction will not cause regional pollution or bring about approval problems.


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