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2 ноября 2020 г. 09:29

PTH light steel houses are also safe and comfortable

PTH light gauge steel house is very adaptable and can be used in the north and south. PTH light gauge steel house is also very safe and comfortable. In addition, there are wooden houses, which are beautiful in appearance and are popular with consumers. They can be divided into two types: light and heavy, which are mainly distinguished by the amount of wood used.

Compared with traditional houses, PTH light steel villas have outstanding advantages:

1. The production of light steel structure accessories for light steel villas has a high degree of factoryization and mechanization, and a high degree of commercialization.

2. The on-site construction of light steel villas is fast, which will not affect nearby residents and facilitate civilized construction.

3. The steel structure of the light steel villa is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

4. Lightweight steel villa has light weight and good seismic performance.

5. The comprehensive economic index of light steel villas is not higher than that of reinforced concrete structures.

6. Compared with brick-concrete houses, light-steel villas can avoid the waste of resources caused by using soil to burn bricks.

7. Because the wall thickness of light steel structure is small, light steel villas can increase the effective use area than brick-concrete structure.

8. Compared with reinforced concrete houses, light steel villas can be recycled for use in the future, but concrete cannot be recycled. It must be construction waste in the future, causing environmental pressure and it takes 40 years for the concrete to dry completely. Therefore, it is easy to cause indoor humidity and humidity, which is not good for human health. However, the light steel structure does not use concrete at all, so this problem does not exist.

9. The light steel villa has good seismic performance. Since the earthquake activity is left and right and up and down, the light steel structure connected with screws forms a safe and stable box, which will not cause the wall to collapse or the floor fall to endanger personal safety due to the shaking of the earthquake.

10. The dry construction method is adopted for the construction of light steel villas, which will not cause waste of water materials and save costs.

With the development of the country and the great progress of the economy, the national economy has steadily risen. While seeking a quality life, it has made a little contribution to the optimization of the environment and greening. Emerging environmentally friendly materials are increasingly becoming a development trend, reducing pollution emissions. Using efficiency, the era of emerging environmentally friendly materials has come.


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