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22 октября 2020 г. 09:31

The foundation of steel structure building must have good stability

For the construction of steel structure buildings, it is not suitable to use some foundations and some artificial foundations on the basis of the same structural unit, so the foundations of steel structure buildings must have good stability. How to construct the foundation frame steel structure?

Bury the bottom surface of foundation into the stable soil layer below the depth of liquid, which shall not be less than 500mm. In order to ensure the stability of its foundation, PTH steel structure adopts pile foundation method, which can transform the liquefied soil layer within the bearing layer of high-rise foundation according to the relevant requirements of steel structure. Thereby ensuring the usability of the foundation.

Splicing steel beams on the ground, erecting steel columns, hoisting steel beams, connecting sub-structures, correcting deviations of main structures, installing crane beams, and coating with fireproof paint. The deviation of main structure shall meet the specification and design requirements.

PTH steel structure is mainly the installation of wall insulation layer and wall panel. The wall surface is mainly an aesthetic problem and a window waterproof problem.

Heat insulation layer of PTH steel structure workshop, and then install roof panel. Roofing is mainly a waterproof problem, so it is necessary to look at the overlapping of boards and nails, the fullness of glue coating is not full, the glue coating should be wiped clean, and the coating on the board surface should not be damaged to prevent rusting. The foundation frame construction of Huizhou steel structure should pay attention to the above aspects.


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