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15 октября 2020 г. 09:05

Modular houses use containers as basic modules

Today's buildings, whether they are slabs or towers, are all framed. The architecture of the future should be in the form of puzzle pieces, in which more elements of bionics will be reflected. The modular house is based on the container as the basic module, adopting the "factory production + on-site installation" mode to complete the structure and interior decoration of each unit module, and quickly combine and install each unit module at the project site according to different purposes and functions Into various styles of buildings.

The use of new building materials not only makes the house stronger, but also its unique thermal insulation effect will reduce the temperature difference in the room, reduce the dependence on air conditioning and heating equipment, and be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. For cities that have been polluted, governance and defense are the primary issues. In-depth transformation of houses is carried out to pave the way for future urban construction. The construction of modular houses is such a kind of environmental protection and low cost. Generally acceptable to people, absolutely environmentally friendly economical houses are the best place to live for working people. The building materials used are made of the most environmentally-friendly new type of panels and steels with superior thermal insulation and seismic performance, which enhances the seismic resistance of the house and makes residents more comfortable and warm.


If you are interested in modular houses, please contact us: flat pack container house.

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