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3 сентября 2020 г. 06:53

Modular houses are environmentally friendly and suitable for temporary living

Container cargo transport housing construction has greatly reduced the cost of the world's construction goods circulation. The global construction industry has completely changed the development of the global real estate economy and provided a solid guarantee. The container-like container building is called a modular house of standard scale and strength, and the work exclusively uses a large crate style to build houses and commercial residential businesses.

Modular houses can be reused, so they have a longer lifespan. At the same time, this type of building has sufficient strength. This type of house is a movable building. It can be directly and easily transported from one location to another, greatly reducing transportation costs. .

Modular houses are detachable, economical, and environmentally friendly, suitable for temporary residence. The interior of the movable house is also the same as the interior of the ordinary house. Many necessary daily necessities can be placed without affecting your normal life. According to estimates by the CEO of the world's largest modular house leasing company, shipping container-style modular building houses can provide about 30 million square meters of living space each year.

With the maturity of technology and the development of modular house design concepts, as well as the presentation of light steel keel house construction, people have found that the low-carbon container building can be used as a private relaxing environment, in addition to living and office, but also It can be used as a space for people to design their own houses. The modern architecture assumed by the horizontal and vertical standard box room, and the interesting and flexible building blocks are filled with the fun of childlike games. These functions give the house a unique light-steel architectural charm and simple beauty.


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