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24 августа 2020 г. 10:54

Diversification and functionalization of container houses

Container houses are the newest type of modular houses gradually replacing the market of panel integrated houses. The container house has unique shape, long service life, anti-seismic, flood and wind resistance, and can be designed according to customer requirements.

More and more container houses are used in high-end areas such as shops, hotels, sales centers, etc., and container camp distributed by multiple different taypes of containers can best reflect the diversification and functionalization of container houses .

The following describes the construction of container farmhouse camps by multiple container houses.

In this project, there are hotels, restaurants, drinking bars, children's playgrounds and other areas, which are composed of three boxes. The single-box container house can be used as a container hotel for temporary rest. Two container houses are crossed to form a cross-shaped building, with dining chairs, vegetation and amusement facilities distributed around. The blue paint on the outside of the container is integrated with the distant mountain stream.

PTH is an enterprise focusing on the field of low-rise prefabricated buildings, providing solutions for R&D, design, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation, installation guidance, after-sales service and other solutions. All products comply with ISO9001 standards and have passed CE, CNAS, BV and other certifications.


Come and customize your creative container house: container house manufacturers.

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